Hula nights may be nothing more than a night in with your girl friends, but for those who know a little about the game it’s a fun and intriguing spin on a traditional casino game. Hula-nighting is a fun version of blackjack that uses the same colors and shapes to represent spins on a huge wheel. The result is that by counting the number of flips made on the wheel you can estimate the amount of money the girl you’re playing with has won. This is similar to the way that slot machines calculate payouts – they figure the odds and then apply the number of bets you’ve made to get to the conclusion of how much they should pay out next. But because this game is in your community instead of a casino, you don’t get the short-cut of having a slot machine with a million dollar jackpot waiting for you when you win!

Tropical themed hula nights slot machines are also always a big hit with younger gamblers. The game uses the familiar Big Bet structure of any other SG Gaming slots, except how can it compare to the actual game? When you spin the green “A” shapes on the wheel, you are betting that you will make a “B” bet when the ball stops spinning and lands on either a “C” or “D” square. When you hit the big bet you win the money – but not without having to eat the bet you just lost. Enjoy Big Bet Action when you Spin.

The game is designed to simulate an actual casino game with multiple random choices for the “lie” or “lay per line” options. For every bet you place, you have the option to shift your bet to a new symbol on the wheel. For example, if you were betting on the red “A” you could easily change your selection to the green “B”, or to any of the other colors on the wheel. The game is available in both English and Spanish.

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